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Stormwater and Drainage

Australian Construction Services specialises in advanced stormwater and drainage solutions for civil construction projects of various sizes. We provide practical and effective solutions that balance cost, performance and delivery while meeting the correct standards and regulations. Whether you may be needing services for culverts, pipelines, or pits and manholes, ACS has you covered.


ACS has extensive experience in the construction and installation of culverts. Including the set-up, form, steel, pouring of base slabs, headwalls and wing walls. We fully manage the process completely. From the provision of plant and labour to excavation, prep, backfill and trimming the surrounding v-drains and batters. We offer initial planning services and after-service maintenance advice to ensure a smooth project. Whether you are needing a solution for the civil construction sector or another sector, we can guarantee that we provide the skills and experience to deliver.


ACS can undertake a wide range of pipeline and pipelaying services. We have successfully completed numerous projects, which includes pipe installations utilising concrete, fibre and poly pipe products. As with all of our services, we offer complete end to end pipe laying contracts including all associated earthworks and concrete structures. Pipe laying can sometimes represent significant safety hazards at certain stages throughout the task, at ACS we can provide you with a safety culture and reliability that the job will be done right the first time.

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Pits and Manholes

At ACS we manufacture custom pits and manholes from high-quality material to suit various stormwater and sewer applications. It is important that the design process includes our clients and others to provide practical, effective, and sustainable pit and manhole solutions. ACS can install in-situ and precast concrete manholes and pits including all associated earthworks.

We are based in Belli Park, Sunshine Coast and offer our services throughout major cities such as Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We do also work in regional areas such Roma, Mackay and Gympie. 

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