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Civil Earthworks

Australian Construction Services specialises in civil earthworks solutions, including bulk earthworks and detailed earthworks, underground service and trench works. Our highly skilled team and effective and reliable earthmovers will be able to assist in always finishing the project on time and within budget.

Bulk Earthworks


Our highly motivated and experienced team can ensure delivery of projects such as bulk earthworks for dams, roads, building pads, etc. We provide the full scope of bulk earthwork services that are needed to suitably prepare construction sites. Our bulk earthworks equipment ensures that each project is of high-quality and assisted through our team of earthmovers.

Detailed Earthworks


In addition to our bulk earthworks capabilities, we also have the expertise to take on detailed earthworks to create footing and slab excavations for construction projects. Regardless of the size or complexity of the job, ACS has the capacity and skills to deliver detailed earthworks for batters, final trim levelling, trenches, underground services, etc. We understand that when asking for detailed excavation, you are worried about things going wrong. With ACS, we guarantee that we have the experience and qualifications to conduct detailed excavations with ensuring safety procedures are taken.

Other detailed earthworks service include:

  • Site and block clearing

  • Site drainage

  • Pad cutting levelling and backfill

  • Foundation excavation

  • Batters and retaining walls


Road Construction and Car Parks


We offer small scale road construction and car park construction solutions. All aspects of these car parks and road construction projects are provided by us including excavation, gravel placement, two coat seal and asphalt paving. Our team of experts ensure that our roads and car parks tick all the right boxes for quality road and car park design and construction from start to finish.

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Our team within civil earthworks can assess proposed contracts or sites thoroughly and advise our clients on the most time efficient and economical way in which to complete the necessary work. We are happy to provide a comprehensive, affordable quote for any project regardless of size. 


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