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Civil Construction Services

At ACS we pride ourselves on offering experience and reliability, targeting long-lasting relationships through the delivery of cost-effective construction services, specialising in the power industry as civil contractors with construction work on electrical substations and transmission lines.

We design packages to suit each project. By managing each aspect of the construction process, we ensure that we give a realistic time frame and understand what you want and need. This gives our team a different perspective on how to implement our civil construction services for your projects, resulting in a construction process that is kept simple, although efficient and always to the highest level of quality.

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We specialise in advanced stormwater and drainage solutions for civil construction projects big and small.  We can provide you with a solution in quick time to your site and to your standard.

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We are the ideal civil contractor for structural services, including structural steel, bridges and demolition solutions. With our past projects, we have offered each customer quality and assurance from beginning to end.

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Our civil earthworks services include bulk earthworks and detailed earthworks solutions. This provides us with your competitive advantage when it comes to completing the project in time.

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ACS offers water storage services designed to effectively store, regulate or deliver water. If you need to fill a pool or need tank filling done right the first time, we can deliver a effective and reliable water storage service for you.

Our Services

Our services consist of stormwater and drainage, civil earthworks, water storage, structural services and renewable energy and power services. Our stormwater and drainage includes culverts, pipelines, pits and manholes. ACS specialises in advanced solutions for civil construction, power and renewable energy projects big and small. ACS’s civil earthworks service includes bulk earthworks, detailed earthworks, road and car parks projects.

In the past, our civil earthworks services have been proven to provide our clients with reliability and assurance with our ability to deliver on time. We also have the ability to deliver water storage, whether it may be for dam constructions, drains or irrigation channels. Our water storage services designed to effectively store, regulate and deliver water. 

We also provide structural services that range from services for structural steel, bridges, and demolition. Other key areas we cover include:

  • Transmission and substation earthworks and civil construction

  • Clearing site access roads and construction of temporary and permanent access roads

  • Foundations and installation and repairs

  • Vegetation clearing and rehabilitation

  • Easement and access road construction and maintenance

  • Irrigation channel construction and maintenance

  • Project management supervision and skilled labour supply

  • Foundations preparation and construction

  • Electrical conduits and pit installation/construction

  • Stormwater and site drainage

  • Rock beaching construction and repairs

  • Bridge construction

  • Pipe and box culvert installation and headwall construction

  • Bulk and detailed excavation

  • Structural steel installation

  • Cranage support and management

  • Plant Hire


Whether you are after renewable energy or power services, stormwater drainage, civil earthworks, water storage, or structural services, we can provide you with the competitive edge by delivering you what you want to your standard.

The ACS Difference


At ACS, our commitment to old-fashioned service is backed by the experience of Tier 1 civil contractor values. We are committed to delivering our core values and have the capability of delivering our expectations, which will positively impact project costs and delivery milestones. For us, that means high-quality staff, no cutting corners, and better on-the-job supervision, using only civil construction partners who we know and trust, and eliminating potential conflicts between traders and contractors.


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